The first step…

…well, technically that might be registering the blog itself.

As much as I would like to consider half my journey done with a single step, considering this is a venture with no foreseeable end, that is hardly the most accurate way of looking at it.


Being somewhat unused to this, I shall start off my first post as follows: to outline the goals of this blog, perhaps something better suited to the about page, but I may as well reinforce the purpose while I can to avoid being waylaid. (Additionally, isn’t there some pressure for your very first recipe to be a great one? One that will characterize your style/etc forever? Then again I don’t know if I’ve ever looked at any blog’s first post, let alone their first recipe post…so maybe not. Still, let’s just settle for some miscellaneous photos instead.)

I first thought about starting a food blog when I realized that I’m not very organized. I write down things I’ve done, flavour ideas and combinations, adapted recipes and future alterations on little scraps of paper. These pieces tend to have a short life expectancy.


And so I thought a blog might be a useful way to store all these things I’ve done, as well as to label the numerous (blurry) photos I take. With search functions, tags, categories and archives it also serves as generally easier navigated than my mother’s large three ring binder.

So, as a purely personal function, why is it a public blog? If I want to protect my privacy and identity, surely a private blog would provide me with more leeway and less need to be wary.


The first reason is purely practical: this way I can view it and share recipes with people I know with ease. I do not have to login in each time I want to look up an old recipe, a challenge for someone like me with poor password-memory-retention.

Secondly, I admit I have some interest in sharing and connecting with the dear old internet. I have to confess, this is not my first blog. I was one of those children who would start a blog, wanting to gain fame of some sort off of two or three measly posts and then quickly ditch it.


There is something lonely about publishing something publicly and never having it be seen.

But now that I’ve managed to shift my focus from attention to a personal use, perhaps this blog shall be more long-lived than it’s predecessors. I certainly hope so anyhow, as I’ve realized my commitment abilities are dangerously poor.

I hear a lot about networking. Social media and commenting on other’s blogs may be something I shall eventually involve myself in, but for now it’s just for me and anyone who may somehow or another come across it.

So yes, a digital food journal of sorts: welcome to ten times tea.


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