I never really liked sandwiches when I was younger. Even now I’m often so-so.

Although the only thing I actively dislike is peanut butter on bread or toast which is a complete travesty (dry on dry!).

Unfortunately, most of the gift cards I’ve accumulated through various volunteer projects are all for a certain sub chain.

(Out of my forty-some sub dollars, I’ve only had one sandwich at the beginning of the semester. I haven’t really felt like another one since.)

I think I might bring this for lunch though.


Inspired by various sources and whatever leftovers are present

A round sort of bun

Olive tapenade

Olive oil

Cheese (I’ve used camembert and old cheddar)

Grilled or roasted vegetables (red peppers, radicchio, mushrooms, etc)

Ham or other meat

Grainy mustard

Slice the bun in half, and hollow out each side until there is only a centrimetre-thick rim. Spread the inside with tapenade and/or mustard.

Begin layering in your meat, cheese, and vegetables into the bottom half. If it’s a bit dry, sprinkle on a bit of olive oil…but if your vegetables are well-oiled, it probably won’t need it.

Close your sandwich with the top half, enclosing all the fillings within the two bread domes. Wrap the sandwich tightly in plastic. Refrigerate.


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