poached rhubarb hazelnut tart

Our first fresh rhubarb of the season–how exciting! I may turn this blog into an ode to rhubarb…or at least that’s what I feel like doing at the moment.

Rhubarb crumble is one of the few desserts my mom makes and so I can’t help but be very fond of it in a sort of baked grainy combination, which prompted this tart.

Actually my mom always used to make rhubarb pies…which then turned into crumbles since they were, understandably, so much quicker! I like them both so I wouldn’t particularly complain. I thought the tart was quite nice; the hazelnut cream on the bottom is very rich and very sweet but the poached rhubarb retains its sharp acidity. I guess I only wish I had more rhubarb now! I think I saw some rhubarb and custard tarts with rhubarb on the bottom–a layer of thick rhubarb compote or jam would be nice underneath the hazelnut cream (and perhaps the tart shell could be blind baked before hand).

But that being said, I also love the hazelnut cream! This might be a frangipane, but I’m not certain–I’ve read elsewhere that to be a frangipane, an almond cream has to be beaten with equal quantities of pastry cream? Well, everything confuses me so this isn’t anything new.

The poached rhubarb took me a couple tries–the first batch turned into a saucepan of strings and pulp and mush–but in the end worked out quite nicely. When you eat the tart, the rhubarb can be cut easily with the side of a fork; it’s not at all stringy but very soft and smooth.

I like poaching the rhubarb because it cooks before you bake it, and I like to think it releases less water when it actually bakes…though I’m not sure that’s actually true? However the cream was certainly a bit more soggy around the rhubarb and probably needed a bit more time.

But more than that, I don’t think I cooked mine enough as the bottom crust was still soggy. The taste of the spelt flour was heightened a bit more due to the rawness and so wasn’t the most pleasant. I would have preferred to use a chestnut flour crust instead.

And, of course, happy Fiesta FridayHosted by the amazing Angie, the Novice Gardener and cohosted by two brilliant bloggers, Dini of Giramuk’s Kitchen and Mollie, The Frugal Hausfrau. You can tell my blog has started to revolve around Fiesta Friday–I’ve been a bit on the busy side lately and so if I’m only going to post once a week, it’s definitely going to be on a Friday…when else?

If you’ve somehow found yourself on this old recipe page, there is an updated and similar rhubarb tart recipe here!

38 thoughts on “poached rhubarb hazelnut tart

  1. I am in awe! Absolute awe! I love the combination of flavours in this… hazelnut, rhubarb, the cardamom that it was poached in! Everything just sounds beautiful! Plus the tart looks absolutely beautiful!
    I used to live in a house that had a beautiful Rhubarb plant! But unforunately we only found out about it a month before we left! It was hidden away at the back of the garden, and even our land lords didn’t know what it was! It was such a shame and I felt terrible that I lost years of free rhubarb! 😀 I can’t wait to get some rhubarb and attempt something like this! Happy FF!

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    1. Uwaa, thank you for such a lovely comment! Hazelnuts are something relatively new to me as I’ve never really used them much before, but I really love them now 🙂
      And what a shame about the hidden rhubarb plant! Rhubarb was the only thing that could grow in our yard (other than grass due to the rock-like soil) and so for the longest time it was the only vegetable that we grew ourselves…now I can’t even imagine having to buy rhubarb since it grows so well! But if I didn’t have access to a rhubarb plant… I definitely would buy some, haha 😀 I’d miss it too much!


    1. Thank you! I love the colours of the rhubarb and so it was fun to use the differently-shaded lengths of stalk…though the pink pieces were also my favourite due to the colour contrast!


    1. Thank you!! I’m so pleased you think it looks posh! I really enjoy the rectangular tart pan 🙂 I like how it slices into nice rectangular pieces that make it very easy to serve and package….and the rectangular shape means that you can play with arranging the fruit in different ways!


    1. Thank you! Though I do wish now I had thought to use some flowers as well to brighten it up and make it a bit more summery/springy–I always admire the flowers and fresh fruit I see on your blog 🙂 And I’ve been seeing so many flowers everywhere!


    1. Thank you! One day I’ll stop it with the progress photos though as I do need to start curtailing how many photos I take… I think I’ll run out of room on my computer eventually! Thank you and happy FF!

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    1. Thanks Stef! I have a large bundle of rhubarb sitting on our balcony right now, so I’m in need to more ideas as well 😀 I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    1. Thank you! I really can’t resist rhubarb once it’s started growing…and I liked using the whole pieces of rhubarb to show off it’s pretty variations in colour. And now that you mention it, I may have borrowed the rhubarb and cardamom combo from your rhubarb loaf! 😀 So thank you once again!

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  2. I’m a huge rhubarb fan, too, so I had to come take a peek! This is just lovely and I’m glad you mentioned the rhubarb was soft because that was my first question! Fantastic flavors! Happy FF!

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    1. I was quite pleased with the softness of the rhubarb! I was worried that it might be stringy since it was in such long lengths or that it might dry out, but, perhaps thanks to poaching?, it ended up very tender and soft and quite lovely in the end. I did try roasting rhubarb the other day and it turned out quite the opposite–dry and tough–so that might be my next project. Thank you, and happy FF to you as well!

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    1. Thank you Chez! It can be fun to work with rhubarb in all it’s gradient-stalky-goodness. I saw another rectangular tart recently (probably on Pinterest, ahah) where the rhubarb stalks were laid lengthwise along the whole tart. It was quite gorgeous!


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