apricot and white currant pavlova

This is a bit of nostalgia for me–weird camera angles and odd framing (which still persist to this day), it was this pavlova that I made around one year ago. I never got around to posting it at the time, but after my one year anniversary post it seems a fitting flashback.

We do not have an excess of marvellous farmer’s (farmers’?) markets here. They come in a couple varieties: there are ones that are open all year round with who-knows-what in the winter, and others that are open only every summer — and most of the indoor markets do come with an outdoors summer extension. But it can be a bit hit and go.

They all have their merits though. Some are better for boreks and breads and pastries, others for sausage and venison and slow roasted meats, others for more unusual heirloom vegetable varieties, and others for buying cabbages and potatoes en masse.

That day I had been volunteering at a very small farmers market and then impulsively bought some fruit before leaving: the lone box of white currants and a heavy carton of apricots, just ripe.

I ate apricots on my walk to the station, throwing the pits into the grass along the side of the road. The whole thing felt so poetic a way of littering in my head, but I was probably just being a nuisance.

The remaining apricots that I brought back were gradually eaten over the week and put into this pavlova.

I really wanted to keep the white currants on their stems for aesthetics, like elegant strings of pearls. But in the end my practicality won out (but not before I snapped a couple of photos).

I remember very clearly welcoming the tartness of the white currants as the meringue was very, very sweet (nowadays I would cut down on the sugar a little bit as I did in this roasted rhubarb and black plum pavlova). Otherwise it was a refreshing pavlova, replete with fresh fruit, a bit of floral orange blossom water and some orange liqueur in the cream. The outside of the meringue was thin and crisp, and the inside was fluffy and homemade-marshmallow-like, really just how a nice pavlova should be.

I think my favourite way to eat a large pavlova like this is set out a handful of forks and spoons and let everyone eat it together (though I suppose it does depend on your company… keep it to family and close friends!).

I’m bringing this ancient one year-old pavlova (with all the perishable cream and egg and fruit, it doesn’t sound so appetizing anymore, does it?) to Angie‘s Fiesta Friday. This week it is kindly hosted by Jess of Cooking is My Sport and Loretta of Safari of the Mind.

apricot and white currant pavlova


Orange blossom meringue

2 egg whites

1/2 c sugar

3/4 tsp orange blossom water

Whip egg whites until foamy, gradually add sugar and whip until very thick and stiff and glossy. Whisk in the orange blossom water.

Spread into a 5-6″ diameter circle on a piece of parchment paper. Bake at 250F for 1.5 hours.



1/2 c heavy cream

2 tsp Triple Sec or other orange flavoured liqueur

4-6 apricots, sliced

handful white currants

Whip until thick, whisk in the Triple Sec. Spread over the cooled meringue. Top with apricots and currants.

9 thoughts on “apricot and white currant pavlova

  1. Welcome to Fiesta Friday and may I take your beautiful contribution to the table? Wow, I absolutely love pavlova – I’ll keep it safely tucked away so I can grab a slice whenever I can. Seriously though, it looks just gorgeous. I’m not so sure I’ve seen fresh white currants before. What a great combination with the apricots. Beautiful! Thanks for bringing this to our weekly party. Enjoy your week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Loretta and thank you as well for hosting Fiesta Friday! This was the first and last time I’ve seen white currants. But it seems about the right time of year, so perhaps I’ll find some more if I start looking harder. 🙂
      The apricot was fragrant, the currants slightly floral and tart so it was a fortuitous purchase to buy those two fruits I suppose!


    1. Thanks Jess, and thanks for hosting Fiesta Friday as well! It was the fruit itself that stood out for me in this pavlova… looking back at this post is making me really want to eat apricots…!


    1. Thanks Sridevi! I really love that description; you’ve got such a way with words!
      While I always find pavlovas on the sweet side, all that sugar beaten into the egg does help give the pavlova a whole range of textures in it’s own right!


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