today is simple: poached persimmon and cream

This was not supposed to have a post. This was supposed to just be a bit of a side note on another persimmon recipe. An “oh look you can poach persimmons with vanilla and cardamom too” and then A photo. ONE photo.

But I didn’t end up with one photo did I? I never do!

There is nothing very special about this. If we’re talking vanilla and cardamom poached fruit, that’s already happened before. In fact, I also used these persimmons while they were a bit underripe (this is because they were also a bit bruised) and so they didn’t have that lovely custardy-mango texture.

I still did enjoy it as I love the taste of persimmon. Photo inflation is a dangerous phenomenom. I’ve been going through my drafts pretty quickly as of late. I also haven’t been too visit-y lately (there is a better word I’m sure, but my brain slows to a halt after 3 pm). This combination is because I am hoping to work my way through some of these drafts and try to clean up a bit after myself! After all, it’s almost spring, so that means spring cleaning right?persimmon poached with vanilla and cardamom

1 persimmon, sliced

2-cm length of vanilla bean

~6 small green cardamom pods

1 1/2 c water (enough to sort of cover)

1 1/2 tbsp sugar

Simmer gently until fruit is just tender. Turn off heat and set sit in the poached liquid until cooled.

To serve, mix some of the poaching liquid with a bit of cream (I’ve realized that while I do love 36%, 18% cream with fruit is perfectly sufficient for my tastes) and pour over the pomelo slices.

20 thoughts on “today is simple: poached persimmon and cream

    1. Thank you Freda! I think there is nothing better than a perfectly ripe persimmon eaten just as is! However, these persimmons strangely enough never managed to ripen that well, so I thought it warranted some fiddling πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Sandhya! Cardamom and vanilla is my favourite combination for poaching fruit πŸ™‚ I love persimmons as well, though I’m conflicted over whether this poaching is worth doing. When they’re ripe, they’re just perfect as is!

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  1. Omg! I have missed so many posts! I was sort of on a break due to exams! This post is really good and I don’t mind you posting another of it😊 I’ve never heard about Persimmon before..I don’t even know if I can find them here! Any substitution?

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    1. Thank you Lina!!! I’ve been missing so many posts as well–and as you can tell, I’m still pretty behind even with my own blog’s comments πŸ™‚ (and hope your exams went well! Taking a break is wise–I always want to write out recipes or ideas or pick photos in the middle of studying…..) I think ripe persimmons have a texture similar to mango, though the flavour is fairly different. πŸ˜€

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  2. Lovely idea! And beautiful photos too! Congrats on dealing with some of your drafts Laurie – you’re inspiring me to work on that too, and to try poached persimmon. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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    1. Eheh, I’ve been trying to work on my drafts Lili! They’ve begun accumulating again… πŸ™‚ Quite often there’s something that I was very excited about at the time and then when I look back at it now, all in all, it’s a bit enhh. I have a lot of those sorts of posts, and I’m not sure whether they’ll be posted or just eventually discarded!

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        1. Hmm! That is a good philosophy! My aunt introduced me to the idea, and I’ve been meaning to apply it to the piles of miscellaneous paper I have. I never thought of taking this approach to the blog πŸ™‚
          There is that ‘but’ though…sometimes even if its not so lovely anymore, I might have liked it once or I’d like to have the recipe somewhere for reference purposes… ah, perhaps my drafts will only continue to accumulate πŸ™‚

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