my sourdough starter is alive! (chive and wholewheat sourdough & 3 tartines)

I went hiking the other day and realized something, once I managed to move my thoughts beyond the majestic views and cute opportunistic fungi.

Though, rather than realizing, I confirmed something: I’m not very fit. Unfortunately. Or at least two hikes in two subsequent days is a bit much for me.But somehow, even when I’m sore and probably a bit more tired than someone ought to be after a well-paced, slightly inclined and bumpy walk, I love hiking (the very tame sort of hiking, that is). I especially love it when there’s a destination at the end. It doesn’t have to be spectacular–and often plenty of the spectacular comes during the hike itself–but I love how you spend so long to get there, and when you finally arrive, half of the fun is just the feeling of accomplishment. Then you take a rest, get up, and head back.

(It’s even better when the return is mostly downhill.)As I’ve mentioned before, Bartholomew, the sourdough starter, does tend to be neglected. He was recently revived! And has since languished in neglect once more. But not before he made a lovely, if modestly dense and unexciting, whole wheat bread.The tartines make things a bit more exciting. My favourite was apricots and nasturtium leaves (which we’ve been growing aplenty as opposed to nasturtium flowers), a spot of honey, toasted walnuts and a generous pinch of salt–for me, the combination of sweetness and saltiness always wins. Like radishes and butter, the nasturtium leaves are a bit spicy, giving them the same sort of lovely combination with something rich; arugula would otherwise do the trick. 

chive and whole wheat sourdough

essentially as per usual, except use all whole wheat bread flour(!) and mix in one very large bunch of finely chopped chives. adjust hydration as necessary.


radish and butter


sliced radishes



mushroom and tarragon

leftover cooked and seasoned mushrooms (such as with butter, sherry, garlic, salt and pepper), heated up

labneh or some other thick creamy thing (ex. ricotta, mascarpone, cream cheese, Greek yoghurt, etc)


apricot and nasturtium 

creme fraiche or some other thick and rich creamy thing (see above)

sliced apricots

chopped walnuts

nasturtium leaves



13 thoughts on “my sourdough starter is alive! (chive and wholewheat sourdough & 3 tartines)

  1. That bread is GORGEOUS wow, congrats on a live starter, I have killed mine many times over and now have given up. I either over feed or neglect it and it shrivels and meets a horrific death. It’s so funny when I read the title of your post I immediately had a vision of Baron Frankenstein in the original Frankenstein movie yelling “It’s alive”. I love your tartine’s and that bread just looks amazing. Also, good for you hiking, I do a lot of walking but on the sidewalks of NYC so no challenging terrain. You are more fit than I.

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    1. Haha, thank you Suzanne! I always think, oh this is the time that my sourdough starter will actually be dead, but each and every time (despite even a bit of surface mould once) it manages to revive itself. I just take a little bit from the bottom of the jar, mix it with flour and water and let it rest at room temperature until it shows some signs of life. So lol, I certainly felt like Baron Frankenstein when I found my starter bubbling on the counter the next morning. 🙂
      The effect of just a bit of incline is pretty startling. The hike itself wasn’t too long, but I was exhausted by the time I was done. The views are worth it though if you can find some time to head to the mountains 🙂

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    1. Thank you Archana! I am, as always, a bit disappointed when I cut open a loaf and don’t find the massive craggy holes that I admire from others’ breads. But it was light and soft and flavourful enough to make me wonder why I don’t make bread more often… 🙂

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  2. Your tartines look wonderful! I love the combinations. My daughter is just getting into mushrooms and learning about them/identifying them/tromping around in the woods looking for them. She would love the tartines and would probably like me to make them! (We don’t know enough about mushrooms yet to eat the ones we find, but we can find good ones at the store). 🙂 I have made wheat bread from scratch many times, but never sourdough. I need to give it a try. Beautiful photos and beautiful scenery!

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    1. Thank you Jenny! Wow, I’m impressed! I hear it takes a takes a little while to develop an eye for spotting mushrooms. You’re so lucky to have a mushroom guide-in-training 🙂
      The thing that I like about having a sourdough starter is that it’s always around, so it encourages you to continue making bread. Or at least it should–evidently it doesn’t always for me. 🙂


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