pine nut danishes with rhubarb and peach


I haven’t shared a disaster in a little while! I suppose lately I’ve been tending to not share the disasters, but I have a story of danish progression coming together, and these danishes do play a role as a stepping stone in that.

These danishes are filled with a pine nut fragipane scented with lemon and ground fennel seeds, then topped with peach halves or cut rhubarb.

The pine nut, lemon and fennel cream was delicious – only part pine nut of course because they are very expensive and very flavourful, so only a bit is preferred and only a bit required. I liked the pairing in particular with the peaches – it might have not been quite sweet enough for the rhubarb.

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goat cheese cake with inedible onion greens and figs

goat cheese cake with onion greensgoat cheese cake with onion greens

“They’ll be like leeks,” my mom assured, handing me a handful of fist-sized onions. They dangled, like insignificant baubles, on the end of two-foot tapered lengths of green. “Just look at them…they look just like leeks.”

Sawing off a piece of was, I imagined, only slightly easier than slicing a thin piece of plywood in half with a paring knife. (Okay, with a serrated paring knife.)

A cross-section of this onion green looked nothing like a leek. It was hollow, rigid and fibrous. But I thought that it might cook down and soften…like a leek.I tossed the slices generously with olive oil and gently roasted them for 20 minutes. They came out dried and even tougher than before.

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grapefruit rose madeleines (& dear reader)

Maybe I’m putting too much in one place. This post should cover blogging 101 assignments 3&4, as well as a recipe to submit to Fiesta Friday chez Novice Gardener!

Dear Ideal Reader, or so states assignment #4.

Yes, I blog for myself. But I also like the idea of blogging with someone else in mind.

However, when I heard the term ideal reader, nobody in particular came up, not even any defining characteristics. I realize this is because, quite simply, my ideal reader is probably you.

What I really want is for you to be interested (even only mildly) in what it is that I’ve baked, or even in what I’m writing (as unlikely as that may be).

It doesn’t matter whether or not baking is something you do at all just so long as perhaps I make you somewhat hungry or moderately inspired to bake something yourself. Or buy something. Or something like that. (Or nothing really at all; I do have low standards).

(Besides, if you’re reading this I think you’re quite a nice person already, so I’m rather fond of you!)

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