goat cheese cake with inedible onion greens and figs

goat cheese cake with onion greensgoat cheese cake with onion greens

“They’ll be like leeks,” my mom assured, handing me a handful of fist-sized onions. They dangled, like insignificant baubles, on the end of two-foot tapered lengths of green. “Just look at them…they look just like leeks.”

Sawing off a piece of was, I imagined, only slightly easier than slicing a thin piece of plywood in half with a paring knife. (Okay, with a serrated paring knife.)

A cross-section of this onion green looked nothing like a leek. It was hollow, rigid and fibrous. But I thought that it might cook down and soften…like a leek.I tossed the slices generously with olive oil and gently roasted them for 20 minutes. They came out dried and even tougher than before.

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grapefruit rose madeleines (& dear reader)

Maybe I’m putting too much in one place. This post should cover blogging 101 assignments 3&4, as well as a recipe to submit to Fiesta Friday chez Novice Gardener!

Dear Ideal Reader, or so states assignment #4.

Yes, I blog for myself. But I also like the idea of blogging with someone else in mind.

However, when I heard the term ideal reader, nobody in particular came up, not even any defining characteristics. I realize this is because, quite simply, my ideal reader is probably you.

What I really want is for you to be interested (even only mildly) in what it is that I’ve baked, or even in what I’m writing (as unlikely as that may be).

It doesn’t matter whether or not baking is something you do at all just so long as perhaps I make you somewhat hungry or moderately inspired to bake something yourself. Or buy something. Or something like that. (Or nothing really at all; I do have low standards).

(Besides, if you’re reading this I think you’re quite a nice person already, so I’m rather fond of you!)

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chestnut mille crepe (& more me)

I decided to join the March session of Blogging 101. I’m not certain how active I’ll be as this also coincides with a couple very busy weeks (clustered midterms-gah! and other such lovely things… I do wonder about my scheduling skills sometimes.) This post is for our first assignment, about us and why we’re blogging. It’s nice to take a step back and reevaluate what I’ve done so far and where I’m going.

(I recommend calc; it goes together well with crepes.)

I started this blog over half a year ago. That being said, this also included a 6-month hiatus, so I’ve really only been blogging for a few weeks.

Then my summer job was making me lazy and stressed (because I do tend to get worked up about my mistakes) and so I quickly started to neglect this blog.

But I feel as though I’m able to approach the project with a bit more resilience, planning and enthusiasm now…this time around I feel quite a bit more serious about the whole matter. And I have a bit more confidence that I’ll be blogging steadily (if only because I have posts intermittently scheduled for the next couple months).


I first thought about starting a food blog when I realized that I’m not very organized. I write down things I’ve done, flavour ideas and combinations, adapted recipes and future alterations on little scraps of paper. These pieces tend to have a short life expectancy.

               (from my first post)

The focus of this blog is still food. But there’s also been some change in the general conception… originally I was planning to keep more of a “meal journal,” of some photos, a couple words. Now I’ve decided to shift my focus primarily on baking. It’s something that I love so much and I’m considerably more interested in sharing.

Yes, I also have an “eating out” tab and a “books” tab. Books may come (I hope). Maybe I’ll just blog about webcomics instead. Eating out? Maybe not. I don’t know, I always feel really embarrassed taking photos in restaurants. I don’t think I should feel like that, but I do anyways. In fact I have this phobia of people coming up to me and asking me to stop taking photos so I very rarely take photos of anything other than food I make at home.

It might just be a general irritated-people phobia more than anything. (And I still irritate people anyways! So much for caution.)

There’s also certainly an element of validation. I haven’t been doing much lately. This is something for me to do and proof that I am doing something.

Lately I’ve been struggling with writing. Everything I come up with is stilted and off. Then when I start writing about what I’ve been baking…well, it doesn’t sound any better, but I feel as though I’m able to write much smoother and easier.

I’m not planning to create a fantastical baking log here. In fact I think the only criteria I have for posting something is that I take a photo of it. These are low standards, but I don’t shy away from posting my failures as I can learn from them (I also usually have more to talk about).

My current goal is to set up the recipe index. I think I’m going to wait until I have 20+ recipes; otherwise it doesn’t really feel worthwhile. But until then that blank page is just going to stay up as a reminder! Otherwise, I’m planning to continue posting with a certain degree of regularity. I’m not too ambitious, so really, if I’m still around a year later, I’ll consider that a success.

Oh yeah there’s a recipe here too. I thought I would post this today as a metaphor. It ended up rather self-depricating: mostly about me having plenty of shortcomings (I ran out of filling and so only used less than half of my crepes).

Recipe notes:

As I’ve stated above, I really ran out filling (I have two more chestnut recipes coming up which will explain why I was so low on the chestnut puree.) I was planning to use 20 crepes but only ended up using around 10, and even then I spread the filling so thin that it would have been considerably better if I had used even fewer crepes!

I think whipped cream mille crepes should be eaten quickly as the next day I found that the cream sort of dried up and absorbed into the crepe…I think I may prefer to use pastry cream after this experience?

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