zucchini with mint & lemon on biscuits

zucchini, mint & lemon on biscuitszucchini, mint & lemon on biscuits

I’ve been feeling a bit like: go away biscuits!  They keep on showing up where they are not exactly necessary…and they’re still not very good! These biscuits may have turned out quite a bit better, but are still not there.

Luckily there are vegetables and yoghurt to pick up the slack. While I’ve only bemoaned the excess of Swiss chard and beets thus far, the zucchini is also prolific. Thus, in the latest biscuit pairing, we have zucchini, mint, yoghurt, feta, and preserved lemon.

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lilac-iced rhubarb & tarragon cake


With all the spring lilacs, the city becomes quite nice. They line the boulevards and arch over the sidewalks, bushy-tailed with flowers. You see them a lot in the “older” neighbourhoods (well, for where I live anyways), where the houses look like they’ve been constructed in the 50s and 60s (i.e. mostly charming but inelegant bungalows).

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anise, cardamom & raspberry kvæfjord cake

cakeJust post something. 

So I’ve been telling myself this for the past few weeks and yet nothing much has happened. I think I’ve developed this reticence either in the form of a clinging sloth-like laziness I haven’t managed to shake off, or blog-shyness, just as bad as when I first started blogging. Perhaps it’s both combined

I did have some rather good reasons to not blog: exams and travels. Now it’s back to routine, and hopefully I’ll be able to integrate ten times tea back into the schedule as well. (Say, do you have a blogging schedule? Is it helpful? )

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