lavender madeleines

I know my last madeleine experience was rather underwhelming, but this time I feel considerably more optimistic about my future madeleine prospects.

I don’t know what made it better; that I added the brown sugar and honey, that I baked at a higher temperature and got a deeper browning, or that I put in the baking powder. Regardless, this time they turned out much, much nicer.

It wasn’t just like a small cake (well no, it still was…but this time a small and rather nice cake). They were warm and delicate with a very buttery crumb, and in the end that baking powder did result in a shape much closer to what they should be.

(I should have trusted you all along Mr. Keller…)

So while I followed the original Bouchon Bakery recipe a bit more closely this time, I also took the shortcut of not letting the batter sit overnight. I was a bit impatient so I only let it rest a couple hours on the balcony. I probably need to understand why the madeleine batter needs to be rested before I can assess whether or not this was particularly detrimental.

So I’m afraid I’m still not sure if I’ve made a madeleine like how a madeleine is supposed to be, but I’m at least happy with these ones.

I’m planning to contribute these hopefully better madeleines to Fiesta Friday! Hosted by Angie, the Novice Gardener, Jess, at Cooking is my Sport, and Prudy, at Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs.

Recipe notes:

The shape turned out best in the molds that I filled a bit less. I suppose it depends on the size, of the mold, but you don’t want the batter, once cooked, to overflow.

I find the madeleines dry out quickly–they’re best eaten fresh.

Lavender madeleines

Should make 12, I made 15. Adapted from Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller & Sebastien Rouxel. I only let my batter rest for a couple of hours instead of overnight.

68 g flour

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp baking powder

1 tsp dried lavender flowers, crumbled plus some additional

66 g butter plus some additional for buttering the pans

9 g honey

8 g brown sugar

83 g egg (around 1.5 large eggs)

50 g granulated sugar

Whisk together the flour, salt, baking powder, and lavender in a small bowl.

In a small pan, heat the butter, brown sugar, and honey.

In a larger glass bowl, place the eggs and granulated sugar. Place this bowl over a pot of simmering water and whisk until the eggs are a bit warm to the touch and the sugar has dissolved. Remove and continue to beat until thick and doubled in volume.

Fold the flour mixure into the eggs in two additions. Then fold in the butter.

Cover the batter and chill; overnight is recommended.

Preheat oven to 400F.

Brush the madeleine pan with melted butter and chill to solidify

Use a piping bag or two spoons, distribute the batter amongst the madeleine molds.

Once the pan is in the oven, turn the temperature down to 375F. (I actually kept the oven at 400 for a couple minutes longer, but next time I would turn it down directly).

Bake 7-8 minutes until the madeleines spring back lightly when touched or an inserted skewer comes out with only a few moist crumbs.

Immediately unmold onto a wire rack, turn over so that the shell pattern is face down. Let cool.

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    1. Oh my gosh, you have an ever-growing pan collection as well? I especially like older pans… though at the moment my dream is to find a cake ring someday.
      🙂 Anyways, I think a madeleine pan is a good addition!!

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