things other people make: baked mathri from the divine spice box

You can tell how creative I am from the series title.

I’d agree with you, it does need some work. Perhaps things other people made or things from other people or…

Alright, I’m struggling. Though at the same time I think such a bland title definitely suits me and my blog, so in the end I’m not that unsatisfied!

things other people make is part of my endeavour to involve myself a bit more with the blogging community…or in other words, start making some of the recipes from the posts I’ve liked (there must be hundreds by now!).

It was inspired in part by some of the Blogging 101 assignments (which I have fallen behind on, horrendously), one of which was to make a post in response to a comment I posted on another blog. Most of the comments I post are on food blogs, so really, I think making more food is the most appropriate choice. Another assignment was to create a feature — and so this is it: the things other people make. I don’t actually think it will be that regular, but by giving this series its own title, I at least create the illusion that it may be something posted consistently and regularly.  

So yes, in the end just about everything on tentimestea is adapted in some degree from other people. This series however is for the other food bloggers that I follow and whose recipes I’m borrowing straight from their blog.

My first feature is the mathri inspired crackers from Prachi at the Divine Spice Box. Her blog is absolutely lovely and has so many exciting recipes on it! I’ve adapted this recipe from both her fried masala mathri and baked cheddar and pepper crackers.

The reason I chose it: I was so excited when I saw these because while I love the smell and taste of fenugreek, but I also have absolutely no idea how to use it. I couldn’t wait after finding something! (Speaking of which, if you have any fenugreek recipes, do direct them my way!)

Result: These were lovely! They had a wonderful flake, and as promised, a great crunch. I changed around the flavouring a bit to suit what I had in our cupboard, but next time I definitely want to try the original flavourings.

Baked mathri: find the recipe at the Divine Spice Box

6 thoughts on “things other people make: baked mathri from the divine spice box

  1. Can’t express enough how happy i am to see u give this a go ! I see so many people leave such promising comments on my blog saying that they would be trying my recipe but i never hear from them…and u actually did !! As a passionate foodie, i am also curious about so many new ingredients and i think taking inspirations from other people’s recipe is the absolute correct way to go ahead 🙂
    And then letting them know u did, is just perfect ! Thats how we would share and learn in this virtual food community. I am so happy u liked the recipe and adapted it to your needs. Hope that u would be making this again and again ❤

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  2. I am going to link this to my original post too ! Would be lovely to share your take with my readers 🙂 Thank u again ! Infact, if u are up for it, lets get to know each other more and maybe cook and discover new cuisines/ingredients together 🙂 Let me know !

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    1. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic reply!! I’m really touched!
      I always get so enthusiastic when I see interesting recipes on blogs and say I really want to make things, the only problem is I do that so often I don’t get around to most of it! I thought this sort of blog feature might help me keep making things–I agree, it’s important to explore others’ recipes in the community!
      And that’d be lovely! I’d be really happy to work together with you 🙂

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  3. Great job ladies!! This looks wonderful and the fact that it is baked, even better. I think as bloggers we definitely need to reach out and provide encouragement and feedback. I’ve blogged on many recipes that I’ve bookmarked over the past year, tried them and featured them on separate posts, giving credit to the original blogger.

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